Getting started with PHP Extensions development

PHP is a very powerful programming language, but there are some situations where it can limit what you can do both in terms of performance and  lack of a specific functionality that maybe is already available as low l...

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Distributed locks with MongoDB: renewing (part 3)

In the previous parts of this article we have seen how to use MongoDB to acquire a lock for a program which must run as a single instance at any time on your servers. However, long-lived locks are sometimes dangerous for...

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Create filters and functions in Twig

Twig is the default templating system used by the popular php framework symfony. Twig is a complete, powerful, easy to use library. The purpose of this article is to describe how to add  filters and functions

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How to test your CLI commands in ZendFramework2

As you know ZF2 is a general purpose framework with a wide set of features. One of those is adding your personal CLI commands that you can require via your preferred shell application: ##code## The command creation is p...

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How to execute custom scripts using Composer hooks

As a rule, you use Composer to handle the dependencies of your project and to create your own packages to be included in other projects. But you can also use Composer to start a Script at given points during the tool life...

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A chain of responsibility implementation inside the Symfony Container

At the time Symfony 2 reached the public, The Symfony Service Container was THE Symfony 2 feature and yet it is one of the most powerful and central component for the framework

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Mocking file system with PHPUnit

Currently, PHPUnit does not support an integrated component to perform test independently on Filesystem. The project suggests the usage of a support library, called "vfsStream" and written by Frank Kleine: it ca...

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Distributed locks with MongoDB: releasing (part 2)

In the previous article of this mini-series, we saw how to atomically acquire a lock through a MongoDB collection *unique* index in order to ensure mutual exclusion between multiple copies of a program

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Satis: a packagist local mirror

The Composer tool, used by PHP community, has deeply modified the habits of many PHP designers, carrying a great simplification in the management of dependencies in PHP applications

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Distributed locks with MongoDB: acquiring (part 1)

"Singleton" processes such as cron jobs must usually run in isolation in our application, without multiple copies of them being started even if the code is deployed on several machines without shared resources

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