Meter objects, Php Design Pattern

Long running operations are not necessarily a bad thing, for example to slowly import or export data on the boundary between two systems without causing a huge load on one of them

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Write your first PHP Class in C

To write a PHP Class in C you need to deal with the zend_class_entry, a data structure that will contain your object methods, properties and so on. To declare a class you have to declare it in your file and registe...

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Bisecting your code with Git in order to identifies regressions with PHPUnit

It is often the case when an application shows a Bug, not present in previous revisions, involving a function not really new but quite used. So it may be useful to own the code revision history to search the exact moment, ...

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Esxplose your translation to javascript client

This article discusses how to expose the translation system of symfony, so that it is made  available to your javacript scripts.   For translation handling purposes in symfony, we suggest to install JMSTranslat...

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Symfony Accesss Control made easy by route tagging ad voters

Symfony 2 ships with a powerful Security Component that can be used to manage user authorization and authentication, handling all the common facilities from the user login to the access control

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Create API for existing PHP project using Apigility

In the previous article we showed how to create a new RESTful API service using Apigility, now we want to interact with an existing PHP application to publish an API. The goal is to interact with the business logic ...

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Symfony and AngularJs manage routes

The main risk for an application using both symfony and angularjs is the duplication of    information.   Both frameworks have their own methods to handle routing

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Symfony and AngularJs twig integration

Symfony and angularjs are two frameworks widely used on the web, also together. Today we'll discuss how to solve problems when they are used together, ie when angularjs is  used inside of the templating engine ...

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Using spies in your tests with PHPUnit

When developing a complex system, you often need to be sure that a given dependency is checked by the encapsulating entity, in a precise manner. For example, the wrapper of a HTTP Client needs to check that, at invocation ...

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Test API with ZendTest

Zend Framework 2 is one of the more famous MVC and modular PHP frameworks. One of the components provided by this tool, is ZendTest, a set of tools useful to test the applications designed with this framework

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