Event scheduler in MySql

Since Mysql version 5. 1. 6, the system supports the option to schedule the execution of some events, without need to use external software (cron, at, Task Scheduler, etc

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Partitioning on MySql

Imagine you need to execute one ore more queries on a big size table, containing the history of the sales of an e-commerce point. If your hardware resources are limited, scanning the whole table could require several minut...

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Vagrant and AWS provisioning in Cloud

The spreading of Vagrant application is rapidly increasing, especially owing to the rising number of available plug-ins, capable to extend the tool's native behaviour and to satisfy most users' needs

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5-minute MongoDB profiling

MongoDB has a bundled query profiler that can be run in a development environment or even on production databases. As it is customary for MongoDB, the API exposed by the profiler is a collection, which is composed of o...

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Docker and its remote API's

Docker expands the concept of Linux Container, adding to such mechanism an high-level API, used for isolation of processes via CGROPS. Another important function, added since version 0

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Vagrant provisioning with Salt

Vagant supports many provisioning systems, ranging from the classic bash to more famous systems, such as Chef and Puppet.  Saltstack was designed as an external plug-in, but, since Vagrant version 1

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SaltStack cloud and OpenStack

Salt cloud is a provisioning tool that can be integrated with a Cloud Provider. The purpose of this tool is to deploy a minion on a new instance created in the cloud. So the creation of new nodes in your infrastructure i...

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