Configuring the PHP MongoDB driver for high availability

MongoDB replica sets are composed of a primary server and one or more secondaries that act as an hot stand by. In case the primary server of a replica set goes down due to a crash or a machine failure, an election take...

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Getting started with PhpUnit

PHPUnit is the most famous testing framework of xUnit family, with more than 10 years of experience among PHP applications. This framework is based upon the so-called Unit Testing concept, i

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Distribute your Symfony bundles though GitHub and Packagist

When you develop Symfony 2 applications you often reuse code, since - if you have worked decoupled enough - bundles are really easy to move from one application to another. You can do it the quick and dirty way, copyin...

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Stubbing external services for functional testing in Symfony

Implementing functional tests in Symfony2 with the bundled WebTestCase and DOMCrawler is quite easy and quick, letting you cover all of your controllers without making a single real http call to the symfony application

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How to set $http in AngularJS

$http is one of the simplest tools to query remote resources, making your application more dynamic. $http is available in the native package of AngularJS. $http is a complete tool that can be easily configured thanks t...

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REST in AngularJS with $http

$http is one of the best AngularJS tools to inquiry http remote servers, making it possible to complete your apps with webservices (e. g. xml and json)

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Geospatial queries on Mongodb

Indexing geo-spatial data is a killer feature provided by MongoDb. This function, based on indexes, can be used to search the database for queries such as: Which elements are included within a given range of coordinate...

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