Mocking file system with PHPUnit

Currently, PHPUnit does not support an integrated component to perform test independently on Filesystem. The project suggests the usage of a support library, called "vfsStream" and written by Frank Kleine: it ca...

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Distributed locks with MongoDB: releasing (part 2)

In the previous article of this mini-series, we saw how to atomically acquire a lock through a MongoDB collection *unique* index in order to ensure mutual exclusion between multiple copies of a program

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Testing with Karma and Jasmine

The development of more and more advanced JavaScript applications, increased the need to accurately test the code of such applications. The software programmers have been releasing many testing framework, including Mocha, ...

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Satis: a packagist local mirror

The Composer tool, used by PHP community, has deeply modified the habits of many PHP designers, carrying a great simplification in the management of dependencies in PHP applications

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Distributed locks with MongoDB: acquiring (part 1)

"Singleton" processes such as cron jobs must usually run in isolation in our application, without multiple copies of them being started even if the code is deployed on several machines without shared resources

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Using Symfony components without adopting the framework

Quoting Fabien Potencier's words, "beside being a full-stack framework, Symfony is also a set of decoupled and standalone components" and this is one of the most interesting step forward the framework took in...

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Doctrine migrations database

Doctrine is an ORM open source application written in PHP: it is widely used, integrated in Symfony and easy to use in Zend Framework, Silex etc. .

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AngularJS $resource

$resource is a factory (included in the ngResource module, but NOT in the original AngularJS package) allowing to create objects capable to interact with REST resources, via calls of GET, POST, DELETE, POST type, on http e...

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Stubbing dependencies with PHPUnit

Testing a system is often a complex task, due to so many involved dependencies. For example, it might happen that a bug of a dependency raises an issue where really it doesn't exist, because a component has a wrong re...

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Write your first RESTful API in PHP in a minute!

Apigility is an open source project to create complete RESTful (and RPC) API in PHP. Using Apigility you can drastically reduce the amount of time needed to develop a web API with a full range of features: versioning, hyp...

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