Alessandro Nuzzo

I am a developer since 2006. I am a basket and whisky lover, interests that i follow separately for obvious reasons. I am also the Milan PHP User Group founder and coordinator.

Senior Web Developer , Website , Git home page , @aleinside , Linkedin profile

Antonello Pasella

15+ year experience in web programming, fucused on cross platform frontend and game development (even remote). Web enthusiast and game passionate, full stack programmer ready to dive into new projects. Top skills: AngularJS Phonegap PHP

Freelance Frontent Developer, PHP Expert , Website , Git home page , @apasella , Linkedin profile

Antonio Pessolano

I destroyed my first computer when i was seventeen when i was trying to do a RAM upgrade. I am 33 years old now and i solve problems trying to reduce the average number of problems that i have found!

Senior Developer at Consoft Sistemi S.p.A. , Website , @apessolano , Linkedin profile

Enrico Zimuel

Developer since Texas Instruments Ti99/4A, TEDx and international speaker, open source contributor (co-author of Apigility and ZF2), curios about computer and art, co-founder of the PHP User Group of Torino (Italy), ex basketball player.

Senior Software Engineer at Zend Technologies , Website , Git home page , @ezimuel , Linkedin profile

Gabriele Mittica

Passionate startupper, Cloud developer and amstaff lover. Worldwide geekka traveler!

Developer at Corley S.r.l , Website , Git home page , @gabrielemittica , Linkedin profile

Giorgio Cefaro

Software Engineer, PHP specialist, coach, public speaker, open source developer and enthusiast, works in the IT field since 1999. TDD addicted, DDD worshipper

Freelance Software Engineer , Website , Git home page , @giorrrgio , Linkedin profile

Giorgio Sironi

I search for the harmony between form and context, which is a fancy way of saying I build software to fit in the world I'm in and its rapid changes. In the specific, my areas of expertise are testing, OOP design and distributed computing.

Developer at Onebip , Website , Git home page , @giorgiosironi , Linkedin profile


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