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Software Engineer, PHP specialist, coach, public speaker, open source developer and enthusiast, works in the IT field since 1999. TDD addicted, DDD worshipper

Symfony Accesss Control made easy by route tagging ad voters

Symfony 2 ships with a powerful Security Component that can be used to manage user authorization and authentication, handling all the common facilities from the user login to the access control

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A chain of responsibility implementation inside the Symfony Container

At the time Symfony 2 reached the public, The Symfony Service Container was THE Symfony 2 feature and yet it is one of the most powerful and central component for the framework

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Using Symfony components without adopting the framework

Quoting Fabien Potencier's words, "beside being a full-stack framework, Symfony is also a set of decoupled and standalone components" and this is one of the most interesting step forward the framework took in...

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Distribute your Symfony bundles though GitHub and Packagist

When you develop Symfony 2 applications you often reuse code, since - if you have worked decoupled enough - bundles are really easy to move from one application to another. You can do it the quick and dirty way, copyin...

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Stubbing external services for functional testing in Symfony

Implementing functional tests in Symfony2 with the bundled WebTestCase and DOMCrawler is quite easy and quick, letting you cover all of your controllers without making a single real http call to the symfony application

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