Enrico Zimuel

Senior Software Engineer at Zend Technologies , Website , Git home page , @ezimuel , Linkedin profile
Developer since Texas Instruments Ti99/4A, TEDx and international speaker, open source contributor (co-author of Apigility and ZF2), curios about computer and art, co-founder of the PHP User Group of Torino (Italy), ex basketball player.

Create API for existing PHP project using Apigility

In the previous article we showed how to create a new RESTful API service using Apigility, now we want to interact with an existing PHP application to publish an API. The goal is to interact with the business logic ...

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Write your first RESTful API in PHP in a minute!

Apigility is an open source project to create complete RESTful (and RPC) API in PHP. Using Apigility you can drastically reduce the amount of time needed to develop a web API with a full range of features: versioning, hyp...

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