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15+ year experience in web programming, fucused on cross platform frontend and game development (even remote). Web enthusiast and game passionate, full stack programmer ready to dive into new projects. Top skills: AngularJS Phonegap PHP

File minification in AngularJS

Minification is a very important tool to reduce transmission time of code pieces. There is a wrong and diffused use not to apply code minification and to concatenate code, obliging clients to download all JavaScript depend...

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Creation of a unit test for an AngularJS filter

With reference to the filter created in a previous article, now we want to create a test. The test can be used both to check the proper filter working and as a function specification document

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Writing a custom filter with AngularJs

AngularJS filters are simple javascript functions registered via a filter factory function. The factory returns a function taking as first parameter the filter input and any other parameter possibly passed is used as fur...

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Angularjs and watchers

# 4 watch types (include links to official AngularJS documentation) $scope. $watch() method can be used for executing code after some scope value changed. An useful example is the possibility to have "field recalcu...

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