In the previous parts of this article we have seen how to use MongoDB to acquire a lock for a program which must run as a single instance at any time on your servers.

However, long-lived locks are sometimes dangerous for two forces that counteract each other:

- to avoid the lock expiring before the program finishes to execute, you must find an upper bound for the execution time of your program and set the lock duration as a longer period.

- To avoid leaving a periodical program inactive for a long time, you must try to keep the lock as short as possible so that if a process crashes or terminates abruptly a substitute can start again, as soon as the lock expires.

To bypass this trade-off, you can acquire a short-lived lock called a *lease* and periodically renew it throughout the program execution. The pattern to follow is:

foreach ($thingsToDo as $thing) {

Here is the code for the renew() method:

$programName = "my_report_generation";
$processName = gethostname() . ":" . getmypid();
$now = new DateTime();
$expiration = (new DateTime())->add(new DateInterval("PT10M"));
$collection = (new MongoClient())->test->locks;

$result = $collection->update(
        "program" => $programName,
        "process" => $processName,
        "$set" => [
            "expires_at" => new MongoDate($expiration->getTimestamp()),
if ($result["n"] != 1) {
    throw new RuntimeException("Cannot renew the lock for $programName!");
echo "Lock renewed!", PHP_EOL;

We make a conditional update on the lock document by checking our program and process name are present in it. We check that exactly 1 (not 0) documents were updated by this operation and if this is true we declare the lock successfully renewed and we continue execution.

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