Months ago I looked for a powerful (and cost affordable) content delivery network to use with our products. Now I listed and reviewd the most popular CDN services.

A Content Delivery Network is large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers in the Internet. The goal of a CDN is to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance. It could be very useful to serve your static contents such js, css, images, video and downloads, decreasing the load on your infrastructure and offering a better usability to your users. Now I want share the results of this search. Here you can find a table to compare several cdn services (pricing, features, behavior...).

Keep in mind that not only the price is important. To choose the best CDN for your needs, you have to consider a lot of aspects and (most important)... try it on your apps!


AWS CloudFront MaxCDN CDN 77 Cloudflare Fastly Cachefly
bandwith pricing $0.12/GB $0.08-$0.035$/GB bundle (pricing per different bundlesfrom 100GB to 355TB) $0.049/GB freemium(from $20 to $5,000 monthly) $0.12/GB $0.37/GB(plus $99-$409 monthly)
http request pricing $0.075/10.000 http requests no fee no fee no fee $0.075/10.000 http requests nofee
network locations 37 16 (not all locations are included in starter plan but available starting at $15/month) 25 28 17 35
https support yes (0.01/10.000 https requests and fee for own ssl) $39/month(or free shared ssl) $699/year(or fee shared ssl) yes(custom sll in business plans) yes($100 monthly + $500 strtup fee for host mapped ssl) yes(shared or contact them for custom domain)
stream support yes yes ? ? ? no
live stream support yes yes ? ? ? no
invalidation support yes (first 1000 free) yes (instant purge) yes yes yes ?
versioning support yes yes yes yes yes yes
time to live management advanced (deep rules definition) yes yes no yes yes
usage limits 1,000 Mbps and 1,000 req per sec ? ? no 10mb filesize limit ?
storage service custom or S3 push zone at $9.95/10GB 500MB free over $20/month no no 1-4gb ($15/GB excess storage)
deep logging service yes (on S3 private bucket) analytics panel and S3 integration analytics panel and row logs analytics (24h), raw log in enterprise plans yes yes (not for basic plan)
gzip support yes yes (limited to comon types as xml, css, js...) yes yes yes yes
origin header support yes yes yes yes yes yes
API yes yes yes no yes yes
CORS support yes yes ? yes ? ?
url signing support yes ? yes no no no
geo url rules yes ? ? no yes no

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